We want to teach the proper way to do watering on plants. Watering is one of the most important factors in making our orchid grow better. We enjoy seeing our plants grow healthy and better in our Nursery.

Before watering, check first which type of medium your Phalaenopsis orchids are grown in. If your orchids are grown in bark, we recommend watering once per week. If your Phalaenopsis is grown in sphagnum moss, which retains more moisture, we recommend watering around once every two weeks. Water your orchids in the morning, be sure to use only tap water, not salt softened or distilled water. Submerge your plant’s roots (with the medium) into a sink full of water. Do your best to avoid contact of leaves to water, as this can lead to fungus and rot. After submerging your orchids for around ten seconds, let the plant drain for ten minutes. 


●What is the best temperature to water your orchids at home?
-Best temperature should be between 70 °F ~80 °F.
-When water is too hot or too cold, it will damage the plant’s roots. 
-Plants' roots are said to be like foundation for the house. Once the roots are damage, recovery would be hard for the plants.

●What type of pot is suitable for your orchid in your house?
- Make sure bottom of the pot are flat and smooth. So the pot will not scratch your furniture
-Make sure the pot has enough drainage holes. Any orchids doesn't like their roots soaking in water.

●How much water do orchids need?
-sphagnum moss: Once per two weeks
-Bark: Once per week.

●Can I use tap water for orchids?
Orchids are popular flowering plants. Once of the reason is because they are easy to taking care with; Tap water is already good to be used. If you are concerned about the chlorine in tap water, you can also use RO water

●How to know if my orchids are thirsty?
-When the roots are getting enough amount of water, roots are green.
-When the roots are not getting enough amount of water, roots are grey or white.

●What happens when you overwater your orchid?
Overwatering an orchid plant is a bad idea to the plant's health. Too much water will stop oxygen to reaching the roots. Orchid roots are air roots, they like reaching oxygen all the time. If the roots are turning brown or black, then you know the roots are already damaged.

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