Phalaenopsis Orchids do not require much light to flourish. The key to a healthy orchid is to maintain avoidance of direct sunlight. Just like our skin, orchid leaves can get sunburnt by overexposure to direct sunlight. Place your Phalaenopsis on a slightly shaded windowsill for ideal results. 


●How much sunlight does an orchid require?
Orchids ARE plants, so sunlight helps the process of photosynthesis in order to make their own energy. We recommend giving 12 hours of light every day, however make sure plants are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Where is the best location to put orchids in my house?
Orchids can grow best in indirect, bright light area. Place your Phalaenopsis on a slightly shaded windowsill for ideal results.

How to know if my orchid is getting enough light?
You’ll be able to tell if the orchids is getting enough light or not by looking at the color of the leaves. Orchids that are getting enough amount of light, leaves color will be green. Whereas plants that are too much light, leaves will starting have white or yellow spot.

Are LED lights suitable for orchids?
Full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs and LED lights are able to make up some of the areas which does not have enough light. Bulb lights heat can damage the flower or plants if put near to each other, make sure both of them are in good distance.

Is it okay to have the orchids outdoor in the summer time?
Yes, it's definely fine to grow your orchids outdoor in the summer. Just remember to avoid direct sunlight. Place them under a tree, can also be ideal.

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