ick up phalaenopsis orchid from the store to brighten your home. By choose high quality flower plant, the longer flower shelf life you will have to brighten your home. It is easy to choose to make judgment by checking the color and shape of the leaves and flowers. We would like to guide you choosing the best flower for your home.

#1 Flower:  No flower dropping, no yellow bud, no wrinkle on flower

#2 Leaves: Orchid leaves are firm and dense. Color should be light green or medium green, not spotted and not having yellow leaves.

#3 Roots: Having more than 5 green roots and come with shiny tips. Good roots is provide good foundation to the orchid.

#4 Soil: Smell the plants, if there is any foul smells means that the plant is rotting or medium/soil is getting bad.


●How to tell if the plants is health or not?

- By looking at phalaenopsis leaves, all the leaves should be green and shine.

-If the leaves show yellow, it means the plants are getting sick.

How to tell if the flower is still active and having long shelf life?

- By looking at phalaenopsis, all the flower bud should be green.

-If is yellow or dropping, it could be a bad single

How to tell if the plants is Dehydration or not?

-By looking at the back of the bottom leaves, if the leaves show wrinkle. it means plants and flowers have been lack of watering for many days already. 

9 Tips