Finding a new home for your orchid will continue to decorate your home. We recommend to repot your orchids once a year, in order to provide healthy soil for your orchids, make sure to repot after the flowers are already withered away.


●What kind of pot is suitable for your orchid in your house?
-Make sure bottom of the pot are flat and smooth. So the pot will not scratch your furniture
-Make sure the pot has enough drainage holes. Any orchids don’t like their roots soaking in water.

How to repot your orchids?
Step one: Remove orchids from the container/pot.
Step two: Burn scissors/knife first and wait for it to cool down. Then trim dead roots off from the plants.
Step three: Fill up the new container to half full with sphagnum moss, bark or another orchid mix.
Step four: Position your orchid at center of the new container, and cover roots with additional medium and fill pot to 80%.
Step five: Do not water them immediately. Wait for 7 days at least before watering.

When is the right time to repot my orchid?
After your flowers drop off, it's time to repot your orchid into a larger container. Also, when your orchid soil smells bad, it is good to repot your orchids. It is important that do not repot after you just watered, you should wait for at least 7 days.

What are the best medium for orchids?
For daily care, you may choose bark for an easy care for the plants. Because by using bark as your orchid medium, you can provide more air for the roots. However, research shows that using sphagnum moss as orchid medium can provide longevity to the flowering phase, as long as you water them right.
For people who do not have time to take care orchids, bark is ideal. For people who is in love with orchid and spends a lot of time with, you may find sphagnum moss is a better medium in speeding up the growing of your plants and providing long flower activity.

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