●It is wonderful to see your orchid to rebloom again right? Let us show you how?
Step 1: Cut your spike complete off from your orchid.
Step 2: Repotting (optional)
Step 3: providing right amount of light, water and fertilizer.
Step 4: wait for winter, when your weather is reaching below 60° F for a couple of nights, you will see a new stem coming out within 1 and a half month.


How many time orchids can bloom per year?
Generally speaking, your phalaenopsis are able to bloom two times per year. However it is a good idea to have them bloom one time per year, for the plant itself to be stronger, having better flower performance.

What do you do when your flowers are withering and having brown spike?
Burn scissors/knife first and wait for it to cool down. Then trim dead spike/stem off from the plants.

What weather conditions could have your orchids bloom again?
When your weather is reaching under 68° F for couple night, your orchid should have new spike coming out in one and half month. The best weather for bloom your orchid is between 60°~65°F for at least 10 hours or more per day and as many days as you can. Then you will see a very nice flower coming out.


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