Anything colors you are looking for, we have them.


One-Stop Shop Getting tired of common varieties and unstable plants? Between our numerous breeders and growers, we have hundreds of varieties available that we are happy to share with you. 

We provide easy-maintenance varieties and top-quality plants to all our customers. Gan Lin’s in-company Research & Development Department tests each of our breeders’ new varieties before commencint production. No new variety is added to the Gan Lin Collection until it has met our strict requirements. With our outstanding Phalaenopsis seedlings, you will save valuable time and avoid growing troubles in your nursery. 

At Gan Lin, the values of honesty and respect are paramount to the everyday running of our business. A common problem in this industry is the imitation of other breeders’ varieties without paying the due royalties. Variety theft is a problem not only in our region, but across the globe, and at Gan Lin we place the utmost importance on intellectual property rights. Due to our policy of honesty with our customers and respect for other breeders’ intellectual property, more and more laboratories and sattelite growers approach us every year to discuss partnership. 

 Orchid flower