We recommend a balanced fertilizer. A 20/20/20 formula, at the rate of half a teaspoon diluted in one gallon of water, works well for Phalaenopsis. Apply fertilizer every other time when watering. 


●What is the best fertilizer to apply on your orchids?
There are many type fertilizer for any plants out there to choose, by choose equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is the right direction. The label should show 20-20-20 on your fertilizer package. If you want to rebloom your orchids, you can increase potassium in a small dosage; higher potassium can provide bigger flowers and stronger spike.

What is the right time to fertilize your orchid?
Orchid doesn’t require much fertilizer. Orchid can be grown with or without fertilizer. One tip that you can fertilize your orchid one time a month, you want to avoid applying too much fertilizer to your orchids to prevent harm to the roots.

What are the best medium for orchids?
For daily care, you may choose bark for an easy care for the plants. Because by using bark as your orchid medium, you can provide more air for the roots. However research shows that using sphagnum moss as orchid medium can provide longevity to the flowering phase, as long as you water them right.
For people who do not have time to take care orchids, bark is ideal. For people who is in love with orchid and spends a lot of time with, you may find sphagnum moss is a better medium in speeding up the growing of your plants and providing long flower activity.

Can orchids take coffee grounds as fertilizer?
Coffee grounds are good organic fertilizer to orchids. You may apply coffee grounds once every 2 months.

Can orchids grow without medium/soil?
Yes, definitely! They can grow without soil. Natural tropical orchids are grown on other plants instead of in soil. However growing orchids in soil can provide your orchids best possible nutrient to your orchids, making your orchids grow better and flower better.

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